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Trekking and hiking

300 km of slopes and hiking trails, 1,800 acres of tropical forest distributed in nature reserves, Guadeloupe is a land of rich diversity pleasant walkers: forest, steep hills, steep cliffs, waterfalls and sandy beaches …

A choice of trails offers hikers they are amateurs or professionals. A guidebook is available in bookstores and you will choose hikes Basse-Terre, the area where nature is the most exuberant.

Good to know: leave early in the morning, night falls quickly. Bring good walking shoes because of the mud, a hat, sunblock, water in abundance, wide trousers because of the sharp grass and a windbreaker.

Ideas of walks:
- Basse-Terre, the trace of Ponds (from 1h30 to 2h), and between Capesterre Matouba and
- Around the true sporting career Falls Carbet Capesterre. – Nearly Guava, the path drops Moreau Guava (4:00)
- Around the Soufriere (2:30), or – the famous track Victor Hugues for experienced hikers, who through the Basse-Terre through the most beautiful sites.

To fully explore the landscape, its fauna and flora, it is recommended to hire professional guides.

Trekking and hiking in Guadeloupe

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