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Things to know before you go to Guadeloupe


Guadeloupe has a tropical maritime climate types. The Azores islands towards a known Alizé east wind. The temperature of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean is approximately 27 ° C and peaks at 28 ° 29 ° in the summer. The air is 27 ° on average and up to bit 32 ° C.

There are two seasons with transitions more or less marked.

A dry season called Lent from December to May The Azores moves to the South. The air is dry and rainfall is infrequent. Temperatures are pleasant and winds generally well established.

And a more humid season called “winter” from July to October, accompanied by frequent and intense period of rain. The season of tropical depressions and cyclones began around July. The cyclones occur in the Atlantic. These phenomena of extreme violence most often affect the northern half of the arc Caribbean, Guadeloupe is located in the center of the arc, it can also be affected by any of these phenomena.

The sun rises at about 5 am in the summer and 6 am in the winter to bed around 17:30 and 18:30.

There are 5 hour time difference in winter and 6 hours in summer, between the metropolis and Guadeloupe.


The local currency is the euro. It is recommended to have a credit card many ATMs are available, and traditional payment cards are accepted everywhere.

Hygiene and Health:

Hygiene conditions are comparable to those of France. Many doctors, many pharmacies and a large hospital ensure optimum health coverage. No special vaccination is claimed. However, it should take some precautions:

- Avoid insect bites and provide a mosquito repellent, especially for children. It is recommended to put some air in the room before sleep because lowering the temperature the mosquito becomes numb and harmless. Otherwise, to be sure not to be disturbed during the night, use a mosquito net.

- Avoid exposure to the sun too long, especially during the hottest hours between 15h and 11h. Provide creams with very high rates for the first day and after-sun milks. Do not forget to bring hats, and sunglasses for the whole family.

These tips are especially important for small children, very vulnerable, for which colored creams are recommended to ensure that they are properly protected.

In case of sunburn, very good creams sold in pharmacies, soothe the burning and help the skin to restore its natural defenses.

- It is recommended to use straws to drink canned beverages or bottled water and clean the skin of the fruit before eating, especially coconuts.

- The tap water is drinkable. However, for the most sensitive, with stomach weakened by the change in diet, it is recommended that bottled water. The river water, although apparently clear and unpolluted is not potable.

- Avoid bathing in swampy areas and in warm puddles Falls Carbet where heat maintenance bacteriological microcosm. To fully appreciate the sources of hot water in the best conditions, visit the spa Ravine Hot Lamentin.

- Avoid walking barefoot to the beach and also use a mat or towel to lie on the sand feet.

For more information visit the tourist offices.