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Economy of Guadeloupe

The economic situation of Guadeloupe is strongly negative. Farming sugar cane and bananas, which once contributed to the wealth of the country, survives only thanks to subsidies from the state and local communities.

“The cane is our steel” often say Guadeloupeans as industries are few and mostly belong to the food industry (sugar, rum factories, canneries).

There are also growing melon, avocado, pineapple, custard apple, orange, lemon, eggplant, starfruit and grapefruit (see Caribbean cuisine).

These fruit and vegetable crops, they fail to meet the needs of 453,000 Guadeloupe. Each year, the island has to import more than ten thousand tons of fruits and vegetables.

Tourism and its many activities in Guadeloupe (see practical information) is the only economic sector that retains some momentum despite tough competition from neighboring islands such as Cuba and the Dominican Republic.