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Recommended itineraries

Pointe A Pitre:

The port area

Fishermen dock there to supply the small covered market fresh fish.
Behind the large majestic trees of the Place de la Victoire, beautiful houses of Creole architecture and beautiful facade of an old cinema.

The Schoelcher Museum
Market Saint Antoine
The Aquarium of Guadeloupe
The museum Saint-John Perse

This alone is worth a small detour to Pointe a Pitre.

Housed in a beautiful colonial house, the house Souque Pages, he reconstructs the interior of rich planters and assembled a fine collection of vintage clothing, not forgetting pictures and letters of Saint John Perse.

At St. Francis:

The beaches, water sports, diving
Pointe des Chateaux

The landscape of cliffs and jagged rocks by the elements, with a wind that gives freshness recalls the Brittany coast!

No swimming because of the many eddies and currents, not to mention some very powerful waves. Rather prefer one of the many beaches along the road to Pointe des Chateaux.

Getaways in the neighboring islands (see below ride boats and boat rentals)

Discover the Mangrove:

Mangroves Mangrove forest extending over the mudflats of the coastal strip. In Guadeloupe, the mangrove cover approximately 8,000 hectares, located 80% of them around the Large Marine Cul-de-Sac and on either side of the Salt River.

The fauna is very rich. There are many seabirds and freshwater resident and migratory, as well as seafood, shellfish, molluscs, hermit crabs and fish.

Not to disturb this fragile world, visit the Mangrove is low speed aboard boats or jet ski tour.
It is thus from Gosier to see which lines the bottom of the bay of Pointe à Pitre.

The Soufriere:

The Soufriere Hills volcano, still active, continuously emits the odor of sulfur fumaroles. Peaking at 1467 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in the Lesser Antilles.

Caution: wet weather, the road can turn into a slide and make the dangerous adventure … sure to be accompanied by a guide.

See section for trekking and more.

Boat trip:

Discover Guadeloupe, it is also and above all take a boat to see the coast of the island, its lagoons and breathtaking scenery. All in a good mood child with Ti-Punch and Creole specialties tasting.

Many companies organize boat trips from Sainte-Anne and Saint-François.

Some allow you to spend a day in the archipelago of Saintes Désirade, or Marie-Galante, which are less than an hour from the Continental Guadeloupe.
Highly recommended tour, which if you’re lucky you will even make pleasant encounters at sea … with whales!

For its boat trips, we made a selection of boat rental.