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The Caribbean cuisine

Guadeloupe is a land of flavors. The soil of the islands and the gastronomic know-how that will delight gourmets can taste the many exotic flavors: fruits, vegetables, spices, fish, alcohol.

The confluence of European and Indian cultures Caribbean, African, Caribbean cuisine is a worthy reflection of interbreeding.

In the markets, you will find all the products that are the hallmark of the islands: sugar, vanilla, cocoa, coffee, rum, spices try!

In terms of gastronomy, Guadeloupe uses especially of its agricultural products, as poyo (banana family more commonly known as green banana or ti-dwarf), the fruit of the breadfruit, okra, cabbage, watercress and seafood

As typical dish include, for example blaff where fish, previously seasoned, is cooked in a small decorated broth chives (sort of onions in the country), parsley, pepper, thyme …

Guadeloupe’s cuisine is often spicy and seasoned by soaking the meat or fish for hours before cooking to add flavor.

You can enjoy many Guadeloupe dishes in many restaurants (see our selection of restaurants in Guadeloupe).