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Guadeloupe dishes

  • Fritters: small cod fritters or vegetables
  • Saury: Small fish eaten fried elongated shape
  • Bananas: Bananas to distinguish vegetable cooking banana fruits
  • Bébélé: tripe dish, dombrés and green bananas
  • Bélangère: Small eggplant
  • Blaff: flat fish or shellfish cooked in spicy water, a kind of broth
  • White ate coconut: Dessert prepared with coconut, milk and gelatin
  • Cabri: Small goat cooked or smoked in colombo
  • Calalou: soup with herbs and bacon
  • Chatrou: Octopus (octopus) edible
  • Chadec: A grapefruit
  • Chadron urchin
  • Chaudeau: Kind of eggnog lime that is served at the end of the Mass at the Holy Communion
  • Chiquetaille: flaked cod served with vinaigrette
  • Chou coconut: Heart of coconut that is taken after shot, is eaten raw
  • Chritophine: in the guise of a bumpy and pale yellow pear, popular vegetable that is eaten in salads or gratin
  • Cirique: Small crab
  • Cive: Onion Country
  • Colombo: Curry chicken, or pork cabrit
  • Dombre: Small dumpling flour (accompaniment)
  • Fangui: Dish prepared from corn flour
  • Ferocious avocado: Avocado, grilled cod, cassava flour and pepper
  • Breadfruit: Fruit of the breadfruit
  • Giraumon: Pumpkin Caribbean used in soups, puree or accompaniment
  • Okra: Long green and sharp
  • Yam: Tuber (vegetable), there are about 80 kinds of vegetables it is a base of Caribbean food
  • Lambi: This large shell could be bland or disgusting, yet well prepared for the Creole, with a spicy sauce, fricassee can be excellent: the flesh, firm texture is finer than that of squid.
  • Lime: Lime.
  • Maracuja: Passion Fruit
  • Migan: coarse puree banana and breadfruit.
  • Ouassou: Big crayfish
  • Urchins: Seafood, which only white eats the Caribbean
  • Clams: Very abundant: the children of fishermen gather in the sand
  • Papaya: Large fruit with the orange flesh is packed with seeds
  • Sweet potato: Tuber (vegetable) slightly sweet
  • Pissiette: big fish like half a sardine, served without a backbone
  • Pône: sweet bread made of sweet potatoes, giraumon, sugar, vanilla, raisins, cinnamon, all handled with butter and baked until golden
  • Schrub: Christmas Punch made of white rum, lemon, sugar syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and tea carpenter
  • Soudon: Clam
  • Souskai: Flat green fruit grated and soaked in lime, salt and pepper
  • Ti-Punch drink made of rum, sugar or cane syrup and lime
  • Titiris: Fry crayfish that local fishermen take in the river of time determined by the Moon
  • Z’habitant: river crayfish in Martinique.