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Lotissement Mont Sofa - Sofaïa - 97115 Ste Rose
Tél : 06 09 69 35 54


Guest book

The testimonies of our guests are the best proof of their satisfaction.

From 20/07 to 27/07/2007:

« A big thank you for the welcome that you gave us. I hope to have the pleasure of coming back to this magnificent Sainte-Rose site again. We hope to see you again very soon, goodbye.

A pleasant welcome, in a lovely setting! We hope to come back to make the most of it again, thank you. Keep up the good work and see you very soon. »

Olivier NUBUL and Christian RIVIEREZ

From 15/07 to 29/07/2007:

« We have spent two wonderful weeks in this cottage, located in a natural and authentic setting, away from the large complexes. The welcome is of the highest quality and Annette and Jean Claude are very kind and always available. A family atmosphere. All that is missing is a fan and a hammock on the terrace.

Keep up the good work, and more importantly, see you very soon! »

Catherine, Jean-Philippe, Mathieu and Maxime SEMIRAMOTH

From 06/07 to 18/07/2007:

« Extremely well received by Jean Claude, Annette and Viper, the swimming pool is great. »

« A big thank you for your welcome, your availability and also for your kindness. It was my first stay in Guadeloupe, and it has been a real pleasure to meet you – and Viper of course!!!! I really do hope to see you again one day, either here in this wonderful setting or perhaps if you decide to come and spend a few days in Alsace!!!!! Lots of love, »

« Thank you Jean Claude and Annette for your warm welcome and your kindness, I hope to hear from you, take care. »

« It is always lovely to meet people like you; it is like having parents far away, who you are always happy to visit, and who you love very much. I am really going to miss you, please stay just as you are. I send you all my love.

PS: luckily there is Internet which enables a little bit of communication!! I won’t forget you! »

M. MERTZ (and his team)

From 31/05 to 15/06/2007:

« Thank you Annette and Jean Claude for this second stay in Guadeloupe – it was a success. The cottage was OK, and there was a pool as well. The location is ideal (the first time we were in Trois Rivière). Another couple of months and you will have everything sorted. Continue as you are Annette and Jean Claude. Best wishes. »

« What more can I say? Nothing, everything was perfect. The welcome: Jean Claude and Annette are lovely people! Always ready to do a favour and very kind. Rental: excellent, especially on the 1st floor, we were very satisfied. Nothing to say! I discovered another Guadeloupe, different from that which I saw in 2004. It was a change from our rental in Trois Rivières. I can now say that Martinique and Guadeloupe are 2 very beautiful islands. We also met Bella and Dany who are both lovely. »

Josiane and Claude SEVILLE

From 10/05 to 27/05/2007:

« And the Palme d’Or goes to Annette and Jean Claude for their welcome, kindness, generosity… The setting is lovely, and the swimming pool is a bonus. Not to mention Viper, who kept guard without ever bothering us.

Small suggestions:
- Mosquito nets on the windows of the bedrooms.
- The tom-tom will do its work. »

Paula and Jean-Marie GIRARD

From 01/05 to 16/05/2007:

« Like an attentive mum with a warm smile and a dad with welcoming, caring eyes, Annette and Jean Claude are extremely kind and generous and have good hearts. They are two lovely human beings to meet, and their world is blossoming and trembling like the forest and décor that surrounds us. Conditions combined so that we had an enjoyable stay, like at home, in a family atmosphere, and everything ran smoothly. What more is there to say? Our family is growing since we now think of you as two new members. Thank you for all the good times. With all our affection, »

Clémentine CASTEL-NDZIE and Yan LE COZ

From 15/04 to 29/04/2007:

« The welcome is the key to a stay. With Annette and Jean-Claude it is warm and homelike. All you have to do is let yourself be rocked by the rhythm of aperitifs and good conversation. Continue in the same way and you will do nothing but make friends. The tom-tom will do the rest. Best wish and thanks again. »

Maurice and Maryvonne MERLAUD

« Everything is there for a good stay…the setting, the kindness. I could not entirely handle the punches (Georges) but they were very good. Thank you for the advice on the flowers. I seem to attract mosquitoes, and a mosquito net on the window would be a welcome addition. Thank you Annette and Jean Claude. »

Danielle and Georges MARTIN

From 03/04 to 11/04/2007:

« A beautiful place in the heart of the countryside, with the sea as the backdrop…Thank you Jean Claude and Annette for your warm welcome and your availability. »

« A beautiful cottage with a lovely view of the sea and the countryside. You are given a hearty welcome, and we will certainly remember Jean Claude’s coconut punch!! Thank you for everything, I hope to come back in the near future. »

« A very pleasant stay in an idyllic place. The view of the sea and the countryside is magnificent. Annette and Jean Claude, thank you for such a kind welcome. I hope to come back one day…(And my goodness it is true that Jean Claude’s punch is excellent). »

Mrs LE CHAPELIER (and her children)

From 21/01 to 23/01/2007:

« A very welcoming place where it does you good to live. Calm and relaxing, the garden is well maintained and radiant. Jean Claude and his wife gave us a very warm and pleasant welcome. They are homely, welcoming people who are ready to listen to the smallest of worries. I already miss it, even though I only spent two days there. I would love to come back. This is a unique address, both on the level of the setting as on the level of the people who look after it. »

Walid and Jennifer


« Lovely welcome. The cottages are comfortable, clean, practical and furnished with style. The place is calm and magnificent. Brownie points for Mr. and Mrs Martin who are very welcoming and kind people. We did not expect such a welcome. Well done and thank you! We hope to come back very soon. »

Pascal and Raphaële BOUILLOT

From 13/01 to 20/01/2007:

« The cottage is ideally located, situated in the centre of Guadeloupe, a geographical location allowing you to split visits between the low and high lands. The place is lovely, very well maintained and enjoys absolute tranquillity. The “family” welcome cannot be faulted, and you rarely come across people as kind as Mr. and Mrs Martin these days. The surprise when you arrive is immense with regard to the quality, modernity and particularly the impeccable cleanliness. This place, in the heart of the wilderness is a haven of peace. It is highly likely that in the near future my friends will come to visit you on the recommendation of the well advised property person that I am! Thank you for everything. »


13/01/2007 :

« Excellent cottage, with all the mod cons, clean and near all shops catering for everyday needs. And most importantly, Mr. and Mrs Martin are very kind and welcoming, and are always available for their clients. This is an address to point out to your friends. Guadeloupe is absolutely beautiful and it has excellent vegetation! Thank you for this cottage. »



« We have really enjoyed our stay. The tranquillity, the countryside, the cleanliness of the cottage, and above all the availability and helpfulness of Annette and Jean Claude meant that we had 2 superb weeks. We will most certainly come back to advantage of it again, especially the swimming pool! Thanks again ! »

Valérie and Samuel